Auctioned on 13-07-2018

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2002 Mitsubishi Delica 20th Anniversary

Feedback: All good. Got the car at home - even found a spare key in the ash tray. Runs nicely and all seems to work well even if I have to learn Japanese to work the HiFi.

Just had a hickup with inspection as tyre size didn't match the sticker (typical red tape) - but evidently same tyres as photos from japan

- Simon W Perth, Australia 2002 Mitsubishi Delica 20th Anniversary


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0 OTHERS OTHER NOTE: This car is no longer available, it was Auctioned on 13-07-2018 EngineSize not listed TransmissionUnknown trans MileageNot listed Colour  Chassis type PE52 (3.5L)   Condition/grade4.5 Start price0 yen car cost Status Sold

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This vehicle has been given a grade 4.5 indicating it should be in very nice condition. To learn more detailed information about this car we could translate the Japanese auction sheet which will say more about the features, modifications and condition of the car, and we also ALWAYS have cars inspected by someone in person to confirm this information, and get more a detailed description.

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Yes, being a 0 vehicle it is automatically eligible for import under the 1988 or earlier rule, with no restrictions. Compliance costs under the 1988 and older rule will vary for each vehicle and state, but are typically around $700 - $1,300.

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