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Becoming a signed up customer

How to become a signed up member with J-Spec

To purchase a vehicle with J-Spec you must first sign up as a member, which includes completing a simple agreement form and paying our $1,100 service fee. We can then arrange for the purchase or inspection of a particular vehicle if buying a car already listed on our site, or can start actively searching for a vehicle if a customer would like one found to spec, including bidding on auction vehicles.

If you sign up with us to search for a car but change your mind before finding one $800 of our service fee is refundable. We ask that we only keep $300 to cover our time and expenses in searching for you up to that point.

Why it is advantageous to sign up in advance if looking for a car

  • J-Spec will search for vehicles specifically matching the criteria that you want... there are many more cars out there not on our site that we have access to
  • Signed up customers get priority on cars in our Featured section and indeed some of the best cars don't even make it onto our site as they are sold directly to signed up customers before we even list them.
  • Signed up customers get priority on dealer or other cars in cases where we have more than one person interested in a vehicle. For the best cars often there are several people wanting to buy, and so some have to miss out.
  • J-Spec can translate auction sheets, have cars inspected at auction in person by someone, and can arrange for an auction car to be bid on if the customer likes it. Do not wait until you see a car you like at auction to sign up with us, there may not be enough time to get everything organized in advance and you will miss out!

Where can I get the import agreement form?

We intentionally do not put our import agreement form online as we first would like to discuss cars with customers, their budget and their expectations to ensure we are able to deliver on what customers desire. If we made the form readily available without some interaction in advance customers may sign up even though the car they want for the price they want is perhaps not realistically achievable, or even a model which isn't legally importable. We would much rather be sure that we can keep a customer happy and find the car they'd like rather than have people sign up blindly. As such, if you are interested in signing up with us to become a member please email or call us and we can discuss it with you from there.

What if an inspection's results are unsatisfactory?

Prior to arranging an inspection on a dealer or private seller sourced vehicle we require that you sign up with J-Spec and pay our service fee. If it turns out that the inspection results are not to your liking and you do not want to purchase the car we can either continue to look for another suitable car, or if you wish we can refund the service fee minus the cost of the inspection (note auction cars do not incur any inspection costs as we will have a representative at auction already anyway). If you would like to go ahead with the purchase of a car after the inspection, then the inspection cost is added to the FOB invoice of the vehicle.