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1995 Mitsubishi Delica Spacegear

Hi guys

I've had the car on the road for a few weeks and just wanted to say thanks, it's brilliant! Condition is excellent and I think it's going to be perfect for the big trip. Another guy in the club just bought a Delica also here, his cost over 4 grand more than mine, has higher mileage, less features and the condition is no where near as good, I've kind of been avoiding telling him how much mine was, I don't want to be cruel lol! Thanks also for the contact with the wheels, that'll be a nice addition.

So just wanted to say thanks to both of you, definitely a very satisfied customer here.

- Rudy S Sydney, Australia 1995 Mitsubishi Delica Spacegear


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Available from 1995, the MGF was MG's first completely new vehicle since 1962. A completely British designed small 2 seat roadster with convertible roof, the MGF features a mid engine, rear wheel drive layout for optimal weight distribution and at less than 1,100kg the MGF is no slouch.

The MGF features a second generation K-Series engine producing 88kw (118hp) or a VVC engine (with infinitely variable cam period, a world first) with 107kW (143hp). Hydragas suspension allows for a compliant ride and excellent handling together via a system of fluid and gas displacers, later models had conventional coil and strut suspension.


1,800cc engine. ABS brakes and speed sensitive steering optional. This model is allowed for import
S1.8i VVC and Steptronic
1,800cc engine with variable cam timing. ABS brakes and speed sensitive steering are standard. These models are allowed for import