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2001 Toyota Chaser Tourer V

Hey Ben,

I've had the chaser up in Townsville since Friday 3rd July. Ended up costing about $xx,xxx landed and complied, pretty much spot on your estimate, and nicely under my budget; happy on both accounts there.

Paint looks good considering its age/kms, looks as you described/the pictures showed. It runs beautifully and sounds great with the exhaust it has on it.

Anyway, thank you, Ben, for all your great service in getting the chaser from Japan to me. I hope to enjoy driving it until the end of its days.

- James D Brisbane, Australia 2001 Toyota Chaser Tourer V


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The RV8 was released in 1993 by Rover with the intention of keeping the classic MG name alive and uniting traditional MG customers with more modern motoring enthusiasts. With much of the car built by hand the RV8 had at its core an MGB chassis with a Rover 3,950cc V8 engine, and the retro styling is very obviously MGB inspired, with bonnet and trunk metal work going unchanged. Power output was 142kW (190hp) sent to the rear wheels via a 5 speed transmission allowing the RV8 to reach 100kph from standstill in 5.9 seconds. Due to its very high price in the UK the car did not find the demand Rover had hoped for, but when the car was displayed in 1993 at the Tokyo Motorshow Japanese buyers ordered 1,300 cars shortly after such was their delight at the re awakening of the famous brand. The first models in Japan were initially registered in 1994, and the last vehicle was produced in late 1995.

1,982 RV8's were manufactured in total with 80% of them being sold in Japan, and the vast majority of Japanese versions being Woodcoat Green, though slightly rarer dark metallic blue and metallic burgundy also being available.

As well as the performance offered by a V8 engine in a 1,250 odd kg chassis, the interior featured luxury refinement in the form of veneered burr elm woodwork and Connolly leather.


3,950cc V8 engine and 5 speed manual, the only variant offered. This model is allowed for import