Mazda RX-7 FD3S

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1993 Toyota Aristo 3.0V

Car received and its pretty good !! Just a few things to sort out before its on the road like brakes and vin number on chassis and take tint off. Other than that it seems fine and im surprised at the condition, I expected it to be worse and the paint is quite good, just a detail and polish will bring it up to awesome condition !!

Thanks again for your help and look forward to fun times ahead with my new Aristo and hopefully trouble free !!

And, the price came in pretty much on the money , give or take a few bucks, which is great !!

Cheers mate !

- Steve A South Australia 1993 Toyota Aristo 3.0V


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Mazda RX-7 (FD3S)

In late 1999 Mazda face lifted their flagship sports car model, the RX-7. Although still the FD3S chassis type, this facelift is referred to as a series 8 and is the only model eligible for import. Compared with earlier FD models, the series 8 had a number of changes including new body kit, tail lights, wheels, turbo chargers, exhaust and intercooler piping, plus a few unique features for different cars within the model lineup.

The FD3S, around since the early 90's, is the now classic curved shape and weighing a mere 1,250kg with a twin turbo rotary engine is a very fast car indeed either in a straight line or through some twisting corners. All models come with 208kW (280hp) other than the Type RB which has 195kW (265hp).


Type RB
The base model with 15hp less than other variants. Rear wing was optional and came with 16 inch wheels. Available with 5 speed manual or automatic, aside from Spirit R Type C this is the only model with an automatic transmission option This model is allowed for import
Type R
Adjustable rear wing and 16 inch wheels, with full 208kW (280hp) engine. This model is allowed for import
Type RS
Adjustable rear wing and 17 inch wheels, with Bilstein suspension. These models are allowed for import
Type RZ
Special 2 seater version (rear seats are replaced by storage buckets) with fixed back red carbon fiber Recaro seats. Only 175 made. This model is allowed for import
Type R Bathurst R
Special edition named in honour of RX-7s winning the Bathurst 12 hour race in Australia 3 years in a row (1992 - 1994). Factory height adjustable suspension, carbon fiber dash panels and Mazdaspeed carbon fiber shift knob and handbrake handle. This model is allowed for import
Spirit R
The very last of the FD3S RX-7's in 2002, only 1,500 were produced. For most RX-7 enthusiasts this is the ultimate to own, the final production run with the highest specification and some Spirit R exclusive features. The Spirit R was released in 3 variants, the Type A (manual 2 seater with Recaro bucket seats), the Type B (manual 2+2 seater with red leather seats) and the Type C (automatic 2+2 seater with red leather seats).

Spirit R only features include Nardi steering wheel with red stitching and matching shift and handbrake boots, red brake calipers, front strut tower brace, 17 inch BBS wheels, Spirit R badging, Spirit R build plate, and for Type A and Type B models stainless steel brake lines, cross drilled brake disks and exclusive Bilstein struts. Leather interior for Type B and Type C, and red Recaro carbon bucket race seats for Type A

These models are allowed for import