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2005 Toyota Caldina GT-FOUR

G'day Ben,

Just letting you know I've had the GT Four on the road for a few months now and absolutely loving it, it's such an effortless smooth comfortable car, perfect for touring. I've done a few little bits and pieces and it's now quite the head turner. Thanks for everything.

- James N Brisbane 2005 Toyota Caldina GT-FOUR


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Nissan Cube (Z11 series)

The Z11 Cube is an immensely popular car in Japan and with good reason, its unique styling combines the flat edges of its namesake with the perfect amount of curves to keep it modern and interesting. The non symmetrical tail gate and front bench seat further add to the message that this is a car that thinks outside the box (all Cube puns will cease here), and intelligent and efficient use of space maximize interior volume for passengers. Many people's first comment upon sitting in one is just how spacious it feels.

The Cube has one of the smallest turning radii in its class making parking a breeze, and the wide variety of storage spaces and fold down seating arrangements make the car far more useful than its compact size would suggest... Nissan's marketing department called it a "magical box" at the time of release.

There is 5 seat and 7 seat long wheel base variant called the Cube and Cube Cubic respectively. The 7 seat Cubic has from front to rear rows of 2 seats, 3 seats and 2 seats and has a longer wheelbase to allow for the extra passenger room, with the rearmost two seats folding away if you want more trunk space. Compliance is available for 1.4L of later 1.5L variants in either front wheel drive, or a 4WD version with electrically powered rear wheels which activate when traction at the front engine powered wheels is lost.


Base model with Xenon headlights and power door optional (standard on all other models), smart key optional This model is allowed for import
SX spec vehicle with digital climate control, tinted windows and 15 inch wheels. This model is allowed for import
Rider by Autech
Nissan's factory assisted third party partner Autech took the Cube and added their own touch resulting in Rider exclusive front bumper, front grille, headlights, sill protectors, underbody protector, optional sound system, instrument panel moldings, 15 inch polished aluminium wheels and exclusive seat fabrics. This model is allowed for import
Trabis by Autech
Another Autech modified vehicle with different body kit, wheels and interior trim This model is allowed for import
Neo Classical
Rarer version with black fender flares, racing strips and other stickers This model is allowed for import
Plus Conran and Agiactive
Similar spec to EX with mildly different body kit and unique colours These models are allowed for import
14S and 14RS
Later model name change for the basic 1.4L models These models are allowed for import
15M and 15RX
Later names for 1.5L models These models are allowed for import