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4 cars incl. 2000 Toyota Supra RZ

After hearing a few good things from friends and being a regular visitor to the J-Spec website, I took the plunge and asked their assistance to import me a vehicle.

Although we were on different sides of the country, contact was regular and I was always informed of the process via email and phone. Ben would always reply promptly to questions asked and was very knowledgable on vehicles and the auctions process. Car came as described and I was very pleased with the purchase and service, I am now currently using the assistance of Ben @ J-Spec to purchase another vehicle.

- Matt Perth, Australia 4 cars incl. 2000 Toyota Supra RZ


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Nissan Elgrand (E50 series)

The Nissan Elgrand was released in 1997 and manufactured until 2002 and served as Nissan's main people mover. Available in 7 or 8 seat, and rear wheel drive or 4WD configuration, this versatile van quickly became very popular for its efficient use of space and wide selection of options.

Standard or optional features can include ABS brakes, single or dual airbags, power sliding door, dual zone climate control, parking sensors, seats foldable into a number of configurations, single or dual display monitors, dual sunroofs, and part or full leather interior.

The Elgrand was available in RWD or 4WD and had a diesel turbo or petrol engine option, both were changed once in the model life cycle to newer and improved versions. The chassis types corresponding to each engine and drive train are as follows:

  • 3,200cc turbo diesel QD32ETi: AVE50 (RWD), AVWE50 (4WD).
  • 3,0000cc turbo diesel ZD30DDTi (newer version) : ATE50 (RWD), ATWE50 (4WD).
  • 3,300cc petrol VG33E: ALE50 (RWD), ALWE50 (4WD).
  • 3,500cc petrol VQ35DE (newer version): APE50 (RWD), APWE50 (4WD).

There is also the FLGE50 (RWD) and FLGWE50 (4WD) chassis type available in either newer variant petrol or diesel turbo, this was the rare long wheel base, high roof camping model.

All engines other than the 3.5L VQ35DE were shared with the Australian delivered Nissan Navara.


The range of Elgrand models is huge with dozens and dozens of named model variants, options from each model could be added to any other so few cars are exactly true to their variant name sake. Below are the more commonly encountered or notably different variants.

Very approximately from lower to higher spec, all available in RWD or 4WD and with turbo diesel or petrol engines:

8 seat only, ABS brakes, dual aircon and dual airbags standard. This model is allowed for import
J specification vehicle with wood interior trim accents, tinted windows and other enhancements. 8 seat only This model is allowed for import
Highway Star
J specification vehicle with body kit, rear wing, tinted windows, 15 inch wheels, leather steering wheel and part leather/velour seats. 8 seat only This model is allowed for import
Rider by Autech
Special edition by Autech with leather interior as standard, unique body kit, unique front grille, wheels and other trim pieces. This model is allowed for import
7 or 8 seat model, dual sunroof, leather interior and improved sound system as standard. This model is allowed for import
Other variants
To give you an idea of just how many variants there were, most of the above were available in RWD or 4WD, and petrol or turbo diesel thus multiplying the variants by 4, and on top of that there were also the following special variants:
  • Prime Edition
  • Special Edition
  • Limited Edition
  • Kid's Version
  • Coleman Version
  • S Edition - which essentially replaced the V and X towards the end of the model.
  • Memorial Selection
  • Jumbo taxi - almost a meter longer, rare 11 seat high roof hospitality based version.
  • Field Base X - almost a meter longer, rare camping version with high roof.
These models are allowed for import