Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX

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1997 Mitsubishi Delica Spacegear Exceed

We found Ben to be very knowledgeable and always available to consult with. It took some time to find the right Delica for us as were we quite specific. We were out bid a couple of times, but such is auctions. Most importantly though, Ben's inspectors in Japan ruled out at least 3 Delica's because of under body condition. And there lies a key difference between J-Spec and a used car salesman. Ben acted on our behalf and wanted to get the right car for us, not just any car to get a sale.

End result: We're absolutely stoked with our Delica. Would we do it again? Yes! With J-Spec again? Absolutely.

- Ben G Adelaide, Australia 1997 Mitsubishi Delica Spacegear Exceed


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Nissan Fairlady 300ZX (Z32 series)

In 1989 Nissan replaced the Z31 series with the new Z32 shape, these were known as "Fairlady Z" in Japan and "300ZX" in other countries. The Z32 was a huge step forward in performance and technology, indeed it was so good Toyota was forced to push back the development of their upcoming Supra as it was now no longer going to be able to compete. In twin turbo guise the Fairlady Z uses a 3,000cc V6 engine combined with parallel twin turbos complete with twin intercoolers, twin intake banks and twin exhausts. The result is a claimed 280hp (208kW) though in reality higher with great low end torque, non turbo versions had 168kW (222hp). The chassis was far stiffer than previous Z cars and most models were removable glass roof T-top versions.

Driving a Z can be a lot of fun, the chassis is responsive and surprisingly low, making for very minimal body roll, steering is precise and the VG30DETT engine has all the power and torque you could need. And if that wasn't enough, take the roof off on a nice day and the experience is only magnified.

Available in twin turbo and non turbo, and automatic or 5 speed manual, features can include climate control, full power options, power seats, leather interior, Recaro seats, ABS brakes and driver's airbag. HICAS 4 wheel steering is standard on all twin turbo models.

Upon its release, the new 300ZX became an instant hit, winning Motor Trend's "Import Car of the Year" in 1990 as well as "One of the Top Ten Performance Cars". Automobile Magazine honors the 300ZX as its "Design of the Year" and adds it to their "All Stars" list. Road & Track names the 300ZX Turbo "One of the Ten Best Cars in the World", and Car and Driver adds it to their 10 Best for the seven years in which it was in production in America.


2 seater
Available in non turbo and twin turbo with 2 seats and T-top roof This model is allowed for import
Available in non turbo and twin turbo with 4 seats and T-top roof. This model is allowed for import
2 seat only version with metal roof instead of T-top roof, available in non turbo or twin turbo. This model is allowed for import
Based on a 2 seater chassis with soft top roof. Available in non turbo automatic transmission only. This model is allowed for import

For 2 seater versions, 1989 to December 1997 models are eligible for import. For 2+2 versions, only October 1996 to December 1997 models are eligible for import.