Nissan Figaro FK10

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2007 Nissan Elgrand Highway Star Red Leather Premium

Just wanted to touch base now that I have the Elgrand in my possession after having been through compliance,etc, etc.... (for a couple of weeks now)

I wanted to thank you for the ease at which the project moved along from my initial contact with you until the end when I received the vehicle. What I initially was nervous about doing as it was something I had zero experience in became so easy with your assistance and guidance along the way. I had the nice surprise of heated seats and the vehicle colour being the black/purple/green once it was detailed so couldn't be happier with how it all worked out.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone who was wanting to import from Japan as it was made very easy working through JSpec.

Once again, thank you for everything along the way.

- Peter J QLD, Australia 2007 Nissan Elgrand Highway Star Red Leather Premium


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Nissan Figaro (FK10)

The Figaro is a small retro car manufactured by Nissan. The car was originally sold only in Japan but despite this, the Nissan Figaro has become popular with celebrity owners in the UK and other countries where second hand Japanese imports are available. Due to its unique styling the car has also featured in science fiction television programs such as Caprica, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Doctor Who.

The Figaro was introduced at the 1989 Tokyo Motor Show under the slogan "Back to the Future". It was built by a Nissan special projects group called Pike Factory who also produced other niche automobiles such as the Be-1, Pao and S-Cargo. It was designed by Shoji Takahashi, who won a design competition with the car.

Only four colours were available: Topaz Mist, Emerald Green, Pale Aqua and Lapis Grey with each colour symbolizing a season of the year. The Figaro was equipped with leather seats, air conditioning, CD player and a open roof. The engine is a turbocharged 1000cc in-line 4 cylinder (MA10ET) which gets good fuel economy.

Only 8,000 were originally available with an additional 12,000 added to production numbers to meet demand. Prospective purchasers had to enter a lottery to be able to buy one of these cars.


1.0L turbo
Open roof, leather interior, CD player and aircon all as standard. This model is allowed for import