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2002 Mazda RX-7 Type R

Thank you so much for all your help with this, if asked I couldn't find a fault with how your end of things went, I will definitely be recommending you to friends. Your service and knowledge has certainly surpassed anything I received from other brokers I was speaking to, I'm really pleased with what you did for me.

All the best mate.

- Tom W Sydney, Australia 2002 Mazda RX-7 Type R


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Nissan Leaf (ZE1)

The Nissan Leaf is a fully electric vehicle (EV) with an electric motor and battery as the source of power instead of an internal combustion engine. The Leaf is the world's best selling highway speed capable EV, and this second generation model improves on the original in almost all aspects including features, a significantly longer range, better safety tech, and better performance.

The Leaf is powered by a 110kW electric engine and as is always the case with EV's has very impressive torque at 320Nm. In an EV the motor is almost completely silent and the power is available immediately which gives sports car-like performance up to 60km/h, with a 0 - 100km/h time of 8 seconds, and slightly better for the e+ versions.

The second generation Leaf comes with a 40kWh battery as standard which gives a range of 270km under WLTP test standardsm or 243km range under EPA test standards. The e+ versions have a larger 62kWh battery with a 362km range under EPA test standards, note that the e+ models were introduced in Japan in January 2019 and the newest Leaf which can be imported under the SEVS import laws is an April 2019, so the window of possible cars for that version may be limited. We have seen range figures of up to 400km quoted under the JC08 testing standard, but believe this to be a bit generous compared with real world circumstances.

A quick charge will bring the Leaf's battery to 80% capacity within 40 minutes, and the second generation ZE1 batteries have improved durability over the earlier models due to revamped internal chemistry. Slow charging using a 3Kw connection will take 16 hours from completely empty to full, or 8 hours with a 6kW charger.

The Leaf features a selectable e-Pedal mode where moving the car from a stand still, acceleration, deceleration and stopping can all be controlled by the accelerator pedal. In e-Pedal mode when you release the pedal slightly both the regenerative braking and normal braking will slow or bring the car to a halt automatically.

Other interesting technology includes the Pro Pilot option which introduces level 2 autonomous driving via a combination of several features. Adaptrive cruise control means the car will automatically maintain the distance to the car in front by slowing or accelerating, it can perform emergency braking if it detects you are about to hit something in front of the vehicle, and the car will steer to maintain it's position in it's lane, all of which combines to allow for single lane hands and feet free driving. Pro Pilot Parking contols the steering, accelerator, brake, shift change and parking brake while parking in normal or parralel parking spots. By holding the park button the car will park itself using 4 cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors.


Base model with a standard double DIN slot for the stereo which an easily be changed, 16" hubcaps (other wheels optional), cruise control, heated seats and steering wheel are standard. This model is allowed for import
16" alloy wheels are standard, the stereo is an integrated unit in the dashboard. Rear camera is standard with 4 camera 360 degree around view optional. Front accident mitigation and leather is optional. This model is allowed for import
Higher spec model with 17" alloy wheels, 4 camera around view with smart mirror are standard. Accident mitigation, adaptive radar cruise control, Pro Pilot parking and Pro Pilot level 2 autonomous driving is standard. This model is allowed for import
e+ X and e+ G models
Similar spec to the X and G models, however the e+ versions feature a larger 62kWh battery with 362km range and a more powerful motor. Under the SEVS import laws only ZE1 Leafs built up until April 2019 can be imported, the e+ models only began production in January 2019 so availability may be limited. These models are allowed for import
Sports version featuring a different computer with better acceleration response, Nismo 18 inch wheels, Nismo suspension, Nismo body kit and badging, Nismo red stitched seats and intrior accents. These models are allowed for import