Nissan Pulsar Serie N15

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2003 Nissan Pressage

I imported my own Nissan Presage when I moved back from Japan, with J-Spec as my agent to ensure I wouldn't have too many issues with bringing into Aust. Ben was a brilliant help and helped facilitate the whole process expertly and professionally. I'm really happy with all the help and useful information and couldn't be happier all up; especially having driven it around Japan and Aust. - I don't miss annoying Japanese traffic, but Melbournians are a whole different level of insanity and impatience... I'll definitely be going back to J-Spec for my next car!

- Justin M Personal Import from Japan 2003 Nissan Pressage


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Nissan Pulsar Serie (N15 series)

The N15 Pulsar range ran from 1995 to 2000, and although the N15 shape was sold in Australia the 3 door hatch with high output sports engines was not and is thus eligible for import. Sold in Japan as the Pulsar Serie or rarer Pulsar Lucino (pronounced with a K), the difference between the two is almost non-existent with the Lucino simply having clear tail lights and different interior trim colours. As well as being a 3 door version, the Pulsar Serie differs from Australian N15 Pulsars with much higher power engines, different body kits, different headlights and other trim differences.

1.6L versions eligible for import use the SR16VE non turbo engine with NEO VVL variable valve lift and timing. This engine produces tremendous power from a 1,600cc naturally aspirated engine with power delivered up to a screaming 8,300rpm redline to the tune of 130kW (175hp).

Also available is the Autech tuned SR20DE, a 2,000cc non turbo engine with 129kW (175hp), this special SR20 version was modified by Autech to include unique pistons with 11.5:1 compression ratio and oil squirters, high lift and duration camshafts, unique valve strings, different valves, ported heads, and different computer tuning.

Finally, there is the ultra rare N1 version, an SR16VE engine modified to output 147kW (197hp). Manufactured for homologation reasons to enter certain Japanese race classes, the standard engine was further improved with different cams and valve springs, larger plenum with 8 injectors, 70mm throttle body, and different computer tuning. At the time this engine produced the highest power per cubic centimeter of displacement for any Japanese car ever made, until the release of the Honda S2000.


1,600 NEO VVL engine equipped model. The most commonly available. This model is allowed for import
Autech Version
Featured Autech tuned SR20DE engine, wild body kit with different front bumper housing fog lights, side skirts and different rear wing, different patterned interior trim, different gauges, different exhaust, plus strut tower braces. Only 576 produced. This model is allowed for import
Very rare version made for race homologation. High output engine N1 engine with other chances and is 50kg lighter. Only 200 were made for series 1 and 200 made for series 2, many were used for racing and they are now difficult cars to find. This model is allowed for import
Rezzo, F, X1, X1-B, X1R and GTi
Lower power 1.5L, 1.6L and 1.8L versions. These models are not allowed for import
All 4 door sedan and 5 door hatch variants
These models are not allowed for import