Nissan Skyline R33

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2004 Nissan Skyline 350GT coupe

The condition is amazing considering it's a 5 year old car. The previous owner really looked after it.

The guys inspecting the car at the licencing centre initially thought it was a brand new car and could not believe the features it had for the price.

I'm really impressed with it. I hadn't driven one before mine. I was just going by reviews. Although I did drive a couple of 350Zs which is close enough. It's a big step up from my old R33. Handles brilliantly and I don't miss the lag!

Thanks once again

- Nathan R Perth, Australia 2004 Nissan Skyline 350GT coupe


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Pics and info for:

Nissan Skyline (R33 series)

R33 Skyline production began in 1993 (GTR in 1995) and ran until 1998 with coupe and sedan models manufactured. For all but the base models the RB engine saw a 500cc bump in displacement to 2,500cc with increased power and torque to match, however the car also gained some weight, though it was with good reason as the car had now greater interior space and chassis rigidity compared with the R32.

Series 2 Skylines were released in 1996 and featured different headlights, bumpers, rear wing, dual airbags as standard, different interior trim, different turbo spec, rear chassis brace and other minor changes. GTR's did not receive the external body changes. 1995 models are often referred to as a series 1.5 as they were a series 1 with some series 2 features, in particular the series 2 rear wing and single airbag as standard. Slight tweaks to the turbos and exhaust system saw greater power and torque, and the ATTESA all wheel drive system and HICAS 4 wheel steering also underwent improvement.

Turbo models had 184kW (250hp) and non turbo 2.5L models had 140kW (190hp), while the GTR had the Japanese maximum 208kW (280hp).


2,500cc non turbo, sedan or coupe. 5 speed auto for sedan, 5 speed auto or 5 speed manual for coupe.
Sedan is not eligible for import.
This model is allowed for import
GTS Type S
GTS coupe in 5 speed auto or 5 speed manual with standard rear wing, 15 inch wheels and leather steering wheel. This model is allowed for import
GTSt Type M
2,500cc turbo model with 184kW (250hp), this is by far the most commonly imported model. Available in coupe or sedan, and 5 speed manual or 4 speed auto. These models are allowed for import
GTSt Type M Active
GTSt Type M but with active rear differential. This model is allowed for import
GTS, GTS Type G, GTS25 Type G and GTS Urban Runner
2,000cc non turbo models These models are not allowed for import
2,500cc non turbo sedan with 4WD. This model is not allowed for import
The GTR continued the winning combination of the R32 GTR with the RB26DETT twin turbo 2,600cc engine and 4WD, now Brembo brakes were standard. Again the GTR featured flared guards front and rear, strengthened chassis, some aluminium body panels to reduce weight, GTR specific interior trim and seats, and now sported 17 inch wheels. This model is allowed for import
GT-R V-Spec
A GTR with stiffer suspension, lower ride height, improved ATTESA 4WD computer, and active LSD as standard. This model is allowed for import
GT-R 40th Anniversary 4 door sedan by Autech
Only 447 made. A GTR 4 door sedan made in conjunction with Autech, Nissan's third party tuning partner. This model is allowed for import
GT-R LM Edition
Special Edition for GTR and GTR V-Spec with carbon rear wing, unique front splitter and side skirts, and available only in the striking Champion Blue colour. This model is allowed for import