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2006 Nissan Skyline 350GT Type SP

Wow. What an incredible machine.

It's like Dave said on the phone recently: you get a lot of car for your money.

Previous Japanese owner obviously a most fastidious person judging by the overall condition of the vehicle, and as you suggested likely used public transport mon-fri as the car has averaged under 80km per week, over 9 years! Evidently a younger person too as evidenced by expensive AME Shallen aftermarket wheels, [and springs,] plus the hard drive is full of j-pop.

Thanks Ben, we did well.

- Graham H QLD, Australia 2006 Nissan Skyline 350GT Type SP


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Toyota Estima R50 series

Known as a Toyota Tarago locally, the Toyota Estima R50 series was released in 2006 and proved to be so popular they were kept in production right up to 2015. The Estima is Toyota's headlining people mover, in the case of the R50 upping the game significantly on the luxury features this car was equipped with, as well as the performance for those who wanted it.

Importable models feature the 206kW 3.5L engine in either front wheel drive or 4WD configuration, both with a 6 speed automatic transmission and with 7 or 8 seat arrangements. The R50 Estimas are fantastically packaged with a range of luxury features, and the 3rd row of seats folds into the floor allowing for very large cargo space, and 7 seater versions allow the second row of seats to slide right back while the 3rd row is folded away, allowing for huge amounts of legroom and a limousine feel. When the third row is in their usual position, their storage space in the rear floor becomes a deep and usable luggage area.

Standard and optional features include:

ABS brakes Front and side airbags
Brake Assist Electronic Braking Distribution
Traction control Stability control
Anti theft system Dual zone climate control
Rear climate controls Dual sunroofs
Dual power sliding doors Power tailgate
Leather seats Front, side and rear cameras
Dual display screens Power folding mirrors
Smart key access with push button start Parking sensors
Power front and rear seats Heated seats
Power rear sun shade Steering wheel controls
Cruise control Xenon headlights


There are several variants with slight names and specs that are similar to those listed below, and there were some changes over the decade long lifespan of this car, but the following should cover the majority of those typically available.

Base version with Aeras body kit. There are lower spec versions than an Aeras, but they are for smaller engine versions only which we cannot import. This model is allowed for import
Aeras S Package
Sportier version with 18 inch wheels standard, slightly redesigned steering wheel, dark grey wood grain trim, and red gauges. This model is allowed for import
Luxury version without Aeras body kit, cruise control, power driver's seat standard. Woodgrain and beige interior is most common, a grey interior is possible for G models after the 2009 facelift This model is allowed for import
Aeras G Package
Combining the G Edition features with Aeras body kit This model is allowed for import
All 2.4L versions
Any R50 featuring the lower spec 2.4L engine These models are allowed for import