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2007 Mitsubishi Delica D:5 G Power Pack

Hi Ben,

Just thought I'd let you know that I picked up the Delica last week from Dave at Caloundra and everything is great! I think it is the perfect car for us.

Thanks for everything

- Cameron M Queensland, Australia 2007 Mitsubishi Delica D:5 G Power Pack


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Toyota Soarer (30 series)

Introduced in 1990 and manufactured until 2000, the Soarer was designed in many ways as a luxury coupe to co-exist with the Toyota Celsior and shared many components with Toyota's flagship luxury model. Sold in other markets as a Lexus SC300 or Lexus SC400, the Soarer was the height of Toyota's luxury development, with a little bit of sports car thrown into the mix as well.

Toyota's technological prowess was on display with standard and optional features such as a digital dash instrumentation, an in dash touch screen, electric seats with memory, reversing camera, height adjustable air suspension, and active suspension on UZZ32 models.

All models came with LSD and automatic transmission, but for the 2.5L twin turbo variant a 5 speed manual was also offered. In 1996 facelift models received a 5 speed automatic transmission and VVT-i variable valve timing.


JZZ30 chassis type with 2,500cc twin turbo 1JZ-GTE engine and 208kW (280hp). In 1996 this engine was revised to a VVT-i with a single turbo, the variable valve timing adding enough torque that the twin turbo arrangement was no longer needed. Available in auto or manual transmissions. This model is allowed for import
2.5GT-T L package
The luxury package, a GT-T with power seats, wood trim interior, cruise control and TEM's electrically adjustable dampers. This model is allowed for import
JZZ31 chassis type from 1994 onwards, with 3,000cc non turbo 2JZ engine producing 165kW (221hp). Available in auto only This model is allowed for import
UZZ30 chassis type, the V8 models were the more luxurious versions of their sporty 6 cylinder counterparts, powered by the 4,000cc quad cam alloy V8 1UZ-FE engine producing 191kW (260hp). This model is allowed for import
UZZ31 chassis type, a 4.0GT with CD stacker instead of single CD slot, driver's airbag as standard, and air suspension with adjustable height and damper. Traction control was optional. This model is allowed for import
4.0GT L package
UZZ31 chassis type, this replaced the 4.0GT LTD in later years. Essentially 4.0GT LTD (with air suspension), but with single CD player and leather was now only optional. Traction control was made standard. This model is allowed for import
4.0GT LTD Active Suspension package
UZZ32 chassis type, the top of the line Soarer. Featured 4 wheel steering and active control suspension which replaces conventional roll bars and springs with hydraulic struts that detect cornering load, acceleration, and braking and counteract accordingly, allowing the car to maintain a smooth ride while allowing for near zero roll while cornering. Full options including leather and touch screen control as standard. Only 873 were produced. This model is allowed for import


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