Toyota Verossa JZX110

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2001 Nissan Skyline GTR M-Spec

Hi Ben,

I've finally taken delivery of the GTR M Spec and I could not be happier!! The condition of the car far exceeds what I dared hope it would be, its near new. I've been going around it with a cloth and some polish and anything that looks like a blemish or scratch has polished away. Drives tight, exactly like the km's would suggest.

Thanks again Ben, i'll recommend you to anyone importing a car!

- Jonathon R Sydney, Australia 2001 Nissan Skyline GTR M-Spec


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Toyota Verossa JZX110

The Toyota Verossa is a variant of the Mark II and is based on the same JZX110 chassis with the same 1JZ-GTE 2.5L turbo engine with an auto or 5 speed manual transmission

The Verossa is essentially the same car as a JZX110 Mark II but with different styling (the headlights, tail lights, bumpers, bonnet, boot, quarters and dashboard are different) so info about the Mark II in the link below should give sufficient information about the specs of this car, with images below showing what the Verossa interior and exterior look like

View JZX110 Mark II specs and info


2.5L turbo (1JZ-GTE) engine with auto or manual transmission This model is allowed for import
Non turbo variants
Other models without the turbo engine These models are not allowed for import