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How to buy a car from auction with J-Spec

To the layman without experience in the process, buying a car from auction can seem daunting. As such J-Spec assists customers with auction vehicles in the following ways:

  • Acquiring and sharing information with the customer

    All of the 130,000 or so cars per week at auction are displayed on our website to signed up customers along with auction photos (typically a front and rear picture only) and the auction sheet. If a customer is interested in a particular vehicle they let us know and we will translate the auction sheet. From there if the car looks promising we will then arrange for someone to go and look at the car in person, and all of this information is then presented to the customer for their consideration. If customers wish, J-Spec can search for cars at auction based ont he specifications they want, and it's not necessary for the customer to trawl through the list of auction cars each day... we'll to do it for you.

  • Advice and experience

    J-Spec is always happy to advise customers on typical sale prices for a vehicle and what a realistic budget might be, as well as advice in regards to what the auction report and inspection might have had to say about a vehicle. If in our opinion customers want to bid too much on a vehicle we will say so, as it's ok to miss out on a car rather than overpay when another similar car could be found for less, or a better condition car could be found for the same money. Likewise, if a customer wants to bid on a car which we believe is of substandard condition we would caution them first.

    We can also provide advice on how common a particular car, features or one in this condition might be, and can look up historical data on cars at auction recently to help make a decision on how much to bid based upon rarity of a car's features.

  • Acting as a barrier

    Even if customers are not familiar with auctions, we are. J-Spec will make sure that customers don't accidentally bid on a car that is not suitable for them, or which is not in satisfactory condition for what that customer has requested.

The bottom line to remember is that J-Spec is here to help customers and hold their hand through the auction process, it is not as scary as it seems with us to help you, and we are always happy to answer questions. We will never act on a car without your say so, and we will make sure that you don't accidentally buy a poor condition, unsuitable, or overly expensive vehicle.