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Covid-19 update

Importing continues as usual during the Covid-19 pandemic. Purchasing, shipping, customs clearance and compliance are largely unaffected and business continues as normal.

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Tour: Finding cars

How we find cars for customers from various sources

J-Spec buys cars from several sources, most typically from Japanese auctions, Japanese used car dealers, wholesale networks, private sellers and export agents. Each has their own pros and cons which you can read about in further detail in the Infobase, but in brief:

  • Auction:

    Excellent prices, large selection constantly updating, good information on condition available, but many photos available prior to purhcase usually not possible.

  • Dealers:

    Prices on average not as good, but there are some bargains out there. Lots of information and photos can be sought about a car including a full pre purchase inspection with hundreds of pics.

  • Wholesale networks:

    Prices will vary but can be good, selection is not so big, vehicles can be inspected with hundreds of photos after purchase, and if condition is not as promised by the seller then a claim can be made.

  • Private sellers:

    Prices can be good, lots of information and photos can be sought about a car including a full pre purchase inspection. Often more interesting/unusual cars being sold by enthusiasts.

  • Export agents:

    Usually good quality cars from agents we use and know are trustworthy, typically cars with desirable features. Lots of photos and information available prior to purchase.

We are happy to look for cars for customers from all of these sources concurrently, whatever finds the best car for a customer is how we'll do it. J-Spec would NEVER buy a car without information that a customer is satisfied with or without having a trusted individual inspecting the car in person. In many cases we have the ability to have a car inspected prior to purchase with the customer receiving a written report on condition and several hundred photos so that you will have a very good idea about the condition of a car and can make an informed decision as to if you would like to go ahead with it.