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Covid-19 update

Importing continues as usual during the Covid-19 pandemic. Purchasing, shipping, customs clearance and compliance are largely unaffected and business continues as normal.

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What we do for you

J-Spec Imports is an import consultant importing cars for satisfied customers since 1999. We import vehicles with J-Spec charging a $1,100 service fee on top of the costs involved with buying and importing a car, making it a far cheaper way to obtain an equivalent condition car versus say buying from a dealer who would be looking to make a far greater profit margin. You as the customer do not need be an expert on the importation process.... that's what we are here for!

As well as the wholesale price you are paying for a car, J-Spec provides access to cars from a variety of sources (more than most in the industry are capable of or even aware of), so this provides a far greater variety of cars to choose from, and because we do not own any of the cars ourselves we can give honest information about their condition, and make unbiased recommendations about them.

J-Spec assists in the sourcing of vehicles and their purchase, advice on particular vehicles and if they might be a good buy, arranges for vehicles to be shipped, coordinates with compliance workshops for customers where possible, submits paperwork for customs clearance, and provides any other help that customers might need during the process.

Aside from customers needing to make payment at the necessary times J-Spec takes care of all significant organization and processes involved with importing a car up to the point where a car is ready to be registered.