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Specialist Enthusiast Vehicles Scheme (SEVS)

SEVS is intended as the main method used for importing into Australia for road use. Vehicles which are eligible for SEVS importation are typically high performance vehicles (there is a minimum power-to-weight ratio restriction) or those with unique design features, and were not sold locally by manufacturers on the Australian market.

SEVS vehicles must be made to comply with Australian Design Rules prior to registration. This compliance process can only be performed by a RAW (Registered Automotive Workshop) which has prepared an evidence package to show that the modifications they make to a car will make it meet the Australian Design Rules (ADR's). Only a Registered Automotive Workshop can apply for import approval for a SEVS vehicle before it is permitted to enter the country, and all SEVS imports which enter the country must be complied by a RAW... you are not permitted to do the compliance work yourself under SEVS.

The work required to comply a car will vary for each vehicle, as an example here is a list of modifications required to a Toyota Aristo for it to be complied:

  • Air filter replaced
  • Wiper Blades Replaced
  • Carbon canister replaced
  • Brake fluid flushed and replaced
  • 1 x 91006 Catalytic Converters fitted
  • Replace drivers side mirror
  • Replace front head lamp globes
  • Modify low beam head lamps to accept new globes
  • New side indicators installed
  • Code removed from ignition key
  • Tyre placard fitted to glove box
  • Engine placard fitted to under side bonnet
  • Unleaded placard fitted to fuel flap
  • Sound level test completed
  • Evaporative loss test completed
  • Exhaust flanges used
  • Exhaust gaskets used
  • Child seat restraint anchor brackets, bolts and covers fitted
  • Paint over side rear reflex reflectors
  • Owner's manual placed in vehicle
  • Fit head rest spacers
  • Fit tell tale light for fog lamps
  • Disconnect inner rear stop and position lamps

The work required for each car and by each workshop's evidence pack will vary so this is an example only

For left hand drive vehicles which are converted to right hand drive as part of compliance (typically American vehicles) compliance is significantly more expensive at around $35,000 and will very for each model.

Compliance under SEVS varies for each vehicle and RAW however it is typically in the vicinity of $1,800 - $3,500 with most cars being around the $2,200 mark. Although the work done during compliance under SEVS such as the example above is not necessarily equal to say $2,500 in parts and labour, the administration and start up costs under SEVS are very expensive and this substantial red tape as dictated by DOTARS (the government body regulating imported vehicles) also go towards the costs of compliance. As well as the start up costs for a workshop (which must by ISO9000 compliant) there are also start up costs to simply be granted permission to comply a particular model of car which can cost tens of thousands before a single vehicle is even complied.