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So who is J-Spec Imports anyway?

J-Spec is an Australian based company operating since 1999, we are located in Melbourne however we have customers all over the country and sending cars to any state is no problem. Approximately 25% of our business is for Victorian based customers so if you are elsewhere it is something we have plenty of experience with, and cars need not come via Melbourne but can usually go to your capital city directly. Although based in Australia our experience, knowledge and infrastructure can be used for other markets and we have former customers from Canada, Ireland, England, New Zealand, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Sweden, USA, and Norway. We are a world leader in sourcing cars from Japan and no one can boast access to the range of cars we can source with nearly half a million cars available which we can get reliable and extensive information on in any given week.

J-Spec is run by Ben Lippa, a car enthusiast for many years. Ben has lived in Tokyo in the past and has a background in Computer Science, but chose to pursue his passion for cars instead, founding the Australian 300ZX Owners Association and running J-Spec.

Customers regularly ask what sort of car we drive ourselves and the answer is it changes regularly, below are photos of some of the personal J-Spec cars over the years, though in fact there have been many more.

At J-Spec Imports we are automotive enthusiasts first, regularly competing in motorsport events, car clubs and online forums (as well as running them). We have all imported cars for our own use and understand the concerns and questions a prospective buyer might have... we've been there ourselves, and can use this experience to make your import story a worry free and rewarding experience.