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1985 Caterham Super 7

The Caterham arrived in Canberra today! It is pretty well as expected, the photos did a good job of revealing the condition accurately. Apart from an interminable wait on the wharf for the thing to be cleaned, it was all quite smooth.

Thank you for your part in this, all the paperwork was handled well and you managed to get the seller to move on it when it started to appear he wasn't all that bothered.

- Terry W Canberra, Australia 1985 Caterham Super 7


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Toyota Crown (S200 series)

The 200 series Crown was released in 2008 with Toyota making a number of variants based on this model including the Crown Athlete with 3.5L engine, Crown hybrid with 3.5L hybrid engine, and Crown Majesta with 4.6L V8 engine.

In rough terms the Crown is the base model and is to some the sportiest having the lowest weight and ouputting 232kW (310hp) with a 6 speed auto. This is the same V6 2GR-FSE engine as found in the Lexus IS350 and GS350. The hybrid model has roughly the same 3.5L engine but provides better fuel economy and some say slightly better acceleration with the electric motor helping, though at the cost of weight. The Majesta is intended to be the highest spec luxury model and so comes with slightly more conservative styling, air suspension, and the smoother V8 engine with 255kW (340hp) engine mated to an 8 speed auto.

The features vary between each model and options chosen when new, but can include:

Multiple airbags Smart key
Push button start Front and rear power seats
Heated and cooled front seats Power rear seats
Heated rear seats Rear audio and climate controls
Radar cruise control Power rear sunshade
LCD screen gauges Multi Operation Touch panel
Steering wheel controls Multiple parking cameras
Sonar parking sensors Parking Assist
Pre crash safety system Stability Control
Braking Assist Electronic Brake Distribution
Anti theft immobilizer Night vision pedestrian detection
Leather interior Power steering column
Memory seats and steering column Electric Only Mode (Hybrid models)
Directional headlights Xenon headlights
Sunroof Blindspot warning system
Directional headlights Xenon headlights
Dual zone climate control Steering wheel paddle shift
Paddle shift gear change Power trunk lid


Importable models include the 3.5L Athelte, 3.5L hybrid and 4.8L V8 Majesta. For the Crown and Crown hybrid different named models usually have relatively similar pecs and so we tend to look at the options these cars have on a case by case basis more than what they were called. The Majestas come in a base spec A Type, a C-Type and a G-Type, the latter two of which are slightly higher. A G-Type will usually have radar cruise control and premiums sound system with seat mounted speakers as options, but note these are still optional on a C-Type.

Finally in the Majesta there is a fairly rare G-Type F Package which is the top spec luxury model model with 4 seats instead of 5. Leather and sunroof are standard. An arm rest in the centre with audio and climate controls, 3 way power rear seats including power leg rests, and rear seats are heated and cooled. The rear also has a flip down TV screen, rear refrigerator, and the powered front passenger seat can fold forward to give rear passengers more leg room.


The details provided here may vary for each vehicle, and J-Spec makes no claims as to the accuracy of this information.