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The J-Spec Mileage Promise

Only with J-Spec...

With many imports sadly now having their mileage wound back by dealers when imported into Australia, a lot of trust has been eroded thanks to the proliferation of dealers doing this, and if you're ever looking at a car with a used car dealer we'd strongly recommend Googling their name and seeing if they are one of those well known for ripping people off.

This has led some people to think therefore that buying an import means you are taking a risk with the mileage, but in fact if importing yourself though a consultant such as J-Spec this can't be further from the truth. Mileage in Japan is very reliable due to excellent systems they have in place, and with J-Spec you can avoid this kind of pitfall, and that's why we are proud to explicitly state on our site our mileage promise.

The J-Spec Mileage Promise is simple. We promise that for any car J-Spec sources in Japan, you will always receive the original Export Certificate which proves that the mileage has not been wound back at time of import to mislead you, the consumer. You will have official documentation which helps determine the real kilometres displayed on your car and we will not hide this information from you.


At J-Spec we firmly believe in transparency and ensuring customers know the truth, and this Promise is the best way we can do this, and avoid our customers being ripped off as so many are by Australian dealers who engage in dishonest and illegal speedo tampering.

In some situations vehicles will have mileage which does not match up with the Export Certificate, the most common example being where a car has had a speedometer changed from say it's standard 180kph speedo to an aftermarket, sportier 300kph speedo. In these cases the speedo may have been reset to zero at that time and so there will be a discrepancy between the Export Certificate and what is currently displayed on the car. If there is any discrepancy such as this in Japan the seller of the vehicle is by law required to inform potential buyers in advance, and in these cases we will inform you in advance so you can still choose to buy fully informed.