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Covid-19 update

Importing continues as usual during the Covid-19 pandemic. Purchasing, shipping, customs clearance and compliance are largely unaffected and business continues as normal.

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The J-Spec Mileage Promise

Speedo tampering is rife in the Australian market to the point where more imports than not sold by Australian dealers have had their mileage wound back. See how importing yourself easily avoids this pitfall.

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Toyota Mark X compliance now available

October 14, 2014

Compliance for the current shape GRX133 Toyota Mark X is now available, a car we're rather excited about. In some ways essentially a Lexus GS350 that's cheaper, more interesting and we think better looking, the Mark X is powered by a 3.5L engine putting out 234kW mated to a 6 speed tiptronic transmission.

Available in luxury oriented models (the Premium), sports models (the 350S) or uber sports models (the G's by Gazoo Racing) this car caters to a wide crown looking for modern tech, stylish packaging and outright performance.

The Mark X is packed with some very impressive technological toys including variable gear ratio steering, drive by wire throttle and steering, paddle shift transmission, radar cruise contrl with brake control on facelift models, rain sensing wipers, power everything, rear park assist and all the modern luxury features you'd expect on such a modern car, to name a few.

View the link below for more information about the long list of features available on these cars, plus many more photos.

Models eligible for import:

Top spec 234kW 3.5L models only are eligible for import, starting from 2009 and this model is still in production today.


These models are readily available, since they are relatively new many first owners are yet to part with their cars and so as time goes by more will come onto the market. Due to their age the majority have done low mileage and are still in excellent condition.

Typical pricing:

As of late 2014 auction prices for low mileage, good condition pre facelift Mark X's will be around the mid 20's landed and complied for a Premium, and high 20's for a 350S... fantastic cars for the money. A facelift model (2012 and basically in as new condition) will be a little rarer as people are still haning onto them, for a Premmium expect to pay high $20's to low $30's, for a 350S mid $30's, and for a G's model mid $40's landed and complied.

Click here to view more Mark X photos and model specs

Click here to view a small selection of Mark X's currently available, contact us for many more which are coming up.

Click here to view some cars which were sold at auction recelty.

Click here to view typical Mark X prices

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