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The J-Spec Mileage Promise

Speedo tampering is rife in the Australian market to the point where more imports than not sold by Australian dealers have had their mileage wound back. See how importing yourself easily avoids this pitfall.

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Nissan Leaf compliance now available

August 7, 2018

The Nissan Leaf (AZE0 variant) is now available for import. The Leaf is the world's best selling highway speed capable fully electric vehicle (EV). Competitive pricing, good features and reliable batteries finally make a genuine electric vehicle a viable option for many people.

View the link below for more information about battery information, range details and a list of features available on these cars, plus many more photos.

Models eligible for import:

All June 2013 to September 2017 built Leafs are importable, including 24kWh and 30kWh battery versions.


The Leaf was extremely popular and thus there are plenty available in Japan, with many still in excellent condition and low mileage.

Typical pricing:

As of mid 2018 prices range from around the $15k mark for say a 2013 model in good condition and with moderate mileage up to mid 20's landed and complied for a later 2016 or 2017 model with larger 30kWh optional battery.

Click here to view more Leaf photos and model specs

Click here to view a small selection of Leafs currently available, contact us for many more which are coming up.

Click here to view typical Leaf prices

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