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J-Spec typically finds cars from 4 main sources:

Daily auctions

Japan has a MASSIVE auction network where cars are auctioned by industry companies as well as individuals, there are auctions up each day of the week, excluding Sunday. J-Spec has combined cars from over 100 auction houses throughout Japan and typically has access to around 130,000 cars each week from these sources. For auction cars qe will provide a translation of the auction report (a document provided by the auction house outlining the condition of the car) and will also have someone look at the car in person and report to us on details about the vehicle. If a customer is happy with the information on the car they can nominate an amount they would like to bid, if the car is not what they want we will let it go and try again as more cars come up.

J-Spec is happy to look at several cars each day for customers and we will not stop until we have found you a car you are happy with... our service fee covers our continual searching and supply of information until the car you want is found, even if it means looking at many cars to get there.

Buying from auction has 2 main benefits, first is that auction prices are typically amongst the best and this is where we would normally recommend sourcing a car, and the second is the large selection of cars to choose from which is constantly updated every day.

Auction bidding is by proxy so even if you bid a large amount, you will only pay just over what the next highest bidder was willing to pay. If on that particular day the car you are bidding on has no serious interest by any others or there are not any high bids by anyone else on it, you get that car at a bargain price, and it is not uncommon for this to happen.

Car dealers

Like any country there are a large number of used car dealers in Japan from which we can source vehicles. Buying cars from dealers and taking their word on condition is very unwise, and it constantly amazes us that our competitors are willing to do this and let their customers take this risk. While most are trustworthy, some dealers will naturally talk up a car or may have different definitions of what a "good condition" car might be. In some circumstances cars may have problems that even the dealer is not aware of, and on some occasions they will straight up be dishonest. To combat this J-Spec has the ability to have almost any car in Japan with a dealer inspected by one of our representatives prior to purchase to ensure condition is as promised, the inspector (who is completely unbiased and is not paid any commission) will come back with a written report outlining anything a prospective buyer would want to know, and anywhere from 100 - 300 photos. As such you will have a very good idea of the condition of a car after this.

Export agents

There are businesses in Japan who purchase cars (typically from auction) and then offer them for sale at a fixed price with further information and photos. Some export agents will make profit on the sale price of the car itself, while some will sell the car at the price they bought it and only make money on their FOB fees, in which case the price is no different to if you had bid on it at auction yourself.

J-Spec ONLY deals with export agents we trust and who we have had a relationship with for many years, we know which are the less reputable suppliers (of which sadly there are many, and some who are quite successful) and do not deal with them.

Private sellers

Similar to Dealers in Japan, J-Spec can source cars which are being sold by the private individuals who own them. A common example of where these cars can be found is Yahoo! Auctions Japan, which is a service very similar to eBay. Again, buying these cars based purely on the seller's description is fraught with danger, and so a full inspection can be arranged for these cars prior payment to ensure the condition of the car is as described.


Different sources have different pros and cons as outlined above, and J-Spec can look at all of these sources concurrently for a car that suits a customer's needs, or if they only want to stick to only one or some sources that is also fine.