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Inspection example: 1994 Nissan Skyline GT-R

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Below is the inspection report for this example vehicle, including any information the inspector thought should be brought to the potential buyer's attention. As well as this report, inspectors take 100 - 200 photos (viewable by clicking the link above) to help customers make a decision about a car.

Some information such as the mileage may have been removed for the owner's privacy. We thank our customers for permission to use the inspection reports for their vehicles as examples here.

Inspector's report

Body condition is very good, there are no obvious scratches or dents
Well above average.
Most of the imperfections below are being quite picky
The front edge of the rear lip spoiler has some paint chips and there is a slight discolouration in a small area on the back of the lip spoiler (see pics).
Left door mirror has been repainted
Wheels have some scratches to the lip
Polish marks on the rubber window seal on the driver's door and around the rear window
Front bumper has 2 small paint chips
The lip at the front of the bonnet is a slightly different colour
Interior condition good, very surprising for this mileage
Seats have a little bit of wear but above average for GTR fabric
The air vents are in good shape and the door handles are not faded which are typically things on GTR's which go wrong
Dash is lifthing slightly in the usual R32 spot
Some wear to the park brake boot
Front floor mats are in the trunk
Trunk is very clean
Engine and mechanicals appear to be good
Oil pressure is good
Plenum gasket looks new, so plenum has been removed at some point in the past. Proper Nissan gasket used, not generic gasket filler
Nismo strut tower brace has discolouration marks from clear coat coming off maybe?
Timing belt changed at 96,000km in November 2003
Underbody condition good, no major fluid leaks or underbody rust
Overall impression is excellent for this mileage, if speedo said 60,000km I would believe it. Appears to be very well looked after GTR.
Previous owner had this car for a very long time, and it even had '32' license plates, so he cared about this car

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